The Blue Lake Program. An Ecolabel of Excellence in Stewardship
The Blue Lake Program. An Ecolabel of Excellence in Stewardship

Welcome to The Blue Lakes Project
- An Ecolabel of Stewardship Excellence

The Blue Lakes Ecolabel is provided in recognition of your commitment to stewardship and education

Becoming a Blue Lake means that you are achieving excellence in stewardship. The label comes with access to real-time data and educational resources. The label is not provided because of a lake's environmental conditions, but instead as a testament to your care.


Stay tuned as we are just entering our pilot phase of the project. Find out more by contacting us. 


Keeping Lakes Healthy

The Blue Lakes database helps you record data in areas of water quality, fisheries, and shoreline development on your lake

Helping You Steward

We provide educational resources to help you meet your stewardship goals. As a Blue Lake you can access Love Your Lake, Natural Edge and Shoreline Garden programs.

Understanding Trends

The Blue Lakes program is a cooperative platform...your input and that of scientists and partners will enable you to track historical and current trends on your lake 

This year we are looking for lake associations across The Land Between bioregion (from Georgian Bay to the Ottawa Valley) to help us pilot our program and ensure it is effective and state of the art. See the questionnaire below for more details as to what is expected.

Candidate lakes will have active associations and boards, the ability to sample water quality according to Lake Partner Program standards, have a minimum of data for water quality and fisheries, and time for monthly meetings.  

See the Questionnare for more info. 

Thank you for your interest!

Become a Pilot Lake in 2018

What data is in the blue lakes warehouse?

The Blue Lakes database can accommodate data for any and all types of lakes across Ontario and beyond. For the testing to date we have focused on Lake Trout lakes. The following data is in our Blue Lakes database (where lake data has been available):

  • Lake Trout Lakes
  • Other Fish species
  • Fish Stocking for Environmental Reasons (OMNRF determinations)
  • Basin shoreline development/unnatural shorelines 2016 (circumference at 10m accuracy- not individual properties- privacy recognized)
  • Lake Partner Data (Phosphurous, secchi depth) over 10 years and where available
  • Water Quality data (Dissolved oxygen, temperature)
  • Mean Volume Hypolimnion Dissovled Oxygen Levels (capacity levels)
  • Historic and current lake profiles (where available and uploaded)

Compatible data (the database can accept and process):

  • All other fisheries
  • Love Your Lake data (with permissions)
  • Lake profiles
  • Angling Diaries
  • Angling Effort
  • Benthics/spawning habitats
  • Natural Edge program data
  • chemical sampling
  • TDS, TSS
  • Invasive spp. data
  • Biological data (contaminants)

Trends that can be derived where data is sufficient:

  • Changes in area volume of anoxia 
  • Changes in natural shoreline levels
  • Changes in water quality/eutrophication
  • and more....

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